www.tedswoodworking.com Review – Worlds Largest Woodworking Plans

www.tedswoodworking.com Review – Worlds Largest Woodworking Plans

Are you one of those DIY enthusiast like me? then, you must read what I am going to tell you today. Today, I am going to review a very popular woodworking DIY site that recently used to finish my dream DIY project, Greenhouse.

I first thought of building a greenhouse just outside my new property with huge open land. I wanted to experiment on many new plants, veggies and fruits. The first thing I did was to buy a few books from Amazon and local stores. Those books were good and got me all amped but when it came to actual implementation, I realized it’s easier said than done. The whole process of building a greenhouse was complicated, to make matter worse I even went ahead and bought lot of things from the hardware stores which was going to be “junk” If i don’t end up using them.

I furiously started checking for YouTube videos of people who successfully built a greenhouse. I found a lot of videos but they were just small home based greenhouse projects and none of them had any detailed information or plan for a proper Greenhouse structure.

Almost a month gone by then and I totally forgot about it. On a lazy sunday afternoon, my son asked me again about the greenhouse. I realized how easily I forgot about my dream project. This time I decided I am going to make it work. I started looking up on the internet and checking various sites for ideas and videos. Then. I stumbled on Teds Woodworking website. Like most of my earlier tries, I thought this is just another crap but man, I was surprised. Ted is a legend. I literally “Quote”. This guy is a saviour.

The first thing I highly recommend for anyone is to Watch His WoodWorking Video. The intro video itself blew me away as he explained what this site is offering to us. He made not 100, 200 but over 16000 woodworking plans for all sorts of DIY projects including gazebos, greenhouse, small craft, baby rooms, small children rooms, kitchen projects and what not. This man has it all. These are not just simple plans. These are detailed “blueprint”. You see it and you gain the confidence of “Hulk”.

After watching the video, I was convinced this guy is a master at this trade so without wasting any time, I quickly ordered his 16000 Woodworking Plans. I got instant access to his woodworking plans online and also direct access to his member’s area where there are ton of other DIY enthusiast waiting to help you in case you are stuck. Ted himself is very active in the member’s area. I also opted for a DVD plans as it’s easier to use them later when you don’t have access to internet for example. DVD are sent by post.

With the “greenhouse” plan with me. I got to work without wasting any time. I asked my cousin to come over to help us over the weekend to finish the plan in 2 days. We first picked up all the stuff required according to the plans and then we got started on saturday afternoon. My initial estimate was to finish this by Sunday evening but the plan was so accurate, we almost finished by saturday evening but it got darker so we had to stop. We finished it on sunday morning just after a breakfast. Man, the feeling of completing your own project is insane. My family was delighted to see the new “greenhouse”. Now, I am in the process of experimenting with veggies and fruits.

I am sharing a picture with you guys. However, I must thank Ted’s WoodWorking Plans. Without these plans, I was totally lost.

If you are a true DIY enthusiast or regular DIY guy, I totally recommend you to try Ted’s WoodWorking Plans. He is so confident that he offers a 60 days guarantee. This guy is insane to even offer that.

Give it a shot guys and share your pictures with us. We will share it on this post or through a new post.

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