www.ellentv.com/12days Winners Ellentv 12 Days of christmas Giveaways 2015

Joining Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres will be offering 12 days of christmas giveaway at ellentv.com/12days. The EllenTV 12 days of christmas giveaway 2015 was just over on 10th December 2015 and winners will be delcared soon.

Ellentv 12 days of Christmas Giveaway Codes:

  • November 23: GLEE (Snapchat), SNOWFLAKE (Psych App), WREATH (Heads Up!), JOY (Heads Up! Pictures)
  • November 24: SMILE (Snapchat), JOLLY (Psych App), MERRY (Heads Up!), ELF (Heads Up! Pictures)
  • November 25: STAR (Snapchat), SLED (Psych App), GOLD (Heads Up!), DANCE (Heads Up! Pictures)
  • November 30: WONDER (Snapchat), SURPRISE (Psych App), CELEBRATE (Heads Up!), POPCORN (Heads Up! Pictures)
  • December 1: SNUGGLE (Snapchat), WONDERLAND (Psych App), WINTER (Heads Up!), RIBBON (Heads Up! Pictures)
  • December 2: CHIMNEY (Snapchat), GLITTER (Psych App), SPARKLE (Heads Up!), HAPPY (Heads Up! Pictures)
  • December 3:┬áICICLE (Snapchat), BLISS (Psych App), WINNER (Heads Up!), KITTEN (Heads Up! Pictures)
  • December 4: GIFT (Snapchat), LAUGH (Psych App), GINGERBREAD (Heads Up!), SNOWMAN (Heads Up! Pictures)
  • December 7: SUGAR (Snapchat), PEACE (Psych App), SLEIGH (Heads Up!), CANDY (Heads Up! Pictures)
  • December 8: TWINKLE (Snapchat), BALLOON (Psych App), BRIGHT (Heads Up!), WISH (Heads Up! Pictures)
  • December 9: FROST (Snapchat), PEPPERMINT (Psych App), MAGIC (Heads Up!), IGLOO (Heads Up! Pictures)
  • December 10: FESTIVE (Snapchat), COZY (Psych App), CHEER (Heads Up!), ELLEN (Heads Up! Pictures)

The winners will walk away with the following prizes:

Day 12 (December 10):

  1. A $500 Visa Checkout Gift Card featuring Gap
  2. A $250 Old Navy Gift Card from Visa Checkout
  3. A $250 Athleta Gift Card from Visa Checkout
  4. A $250 Banana Republic Gift Card from Visa Checkout
  5. 2 Samsonite Silhouette Sphere II
  6. A Pair of Oliver Peoples Sunglasses
  7. A 5-Day, 4-Night Stay at Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa in Ko Olina, Hawaii


Ellentv.com/12days winners list will be declared soon. Please share it with your friends and family so they can be notified.

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