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Are you on a prowl for some cheap dresses ? Look no further than “SammyDress”. One of my favorite website these days to look for those great “expensive” looking dresses for real cheap prices. It’s unbelievably good.

SammyDress has been operating since last 6-7 years and mainly source their clothes from “China” which is why the stuff is super cheap. However, mind you the quality is very good. As most of you know, most premium brands including most in America now use China and Bangladesh as their clothing backhouse. SammyDress trumps them all by giving you all the latest trend designs at a super low price.

I ordered a sexy Spaghetti Strap Top and Skirt from SammyDress for only $12 just last week and I received it yesterday. They claim to deliver within 8-15 days but I got the item delivered within 5 days flat which is very good. You can always contact them via support ticket if you have any questions about your order.

One of the awesome thing with Sammydress is their reward system called “S Points

You get points for purchasing stuff and you can use them to save money. Amount of dollars spent will equal amount of points you get. You can save $1 for every 100 S points. You will also receive S points after doing reviews and photos will give you more points.I only saved about $1 the first time and am going to use for my next order. It’s a good discount after all. You can earn more points by posting your photos on Instagram/Facebook etc.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with and I strongly suggest you give them a try today. I am confident you will love it just like I do.


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