your friendly pet supplier in north america

When it comes to taking care of pet’s needs, there is only name that comes to mind. That’s none other than Petsmart. Petsmart is the largest pet supplies store in the USA and cater to all sorts of pets.

If you own a dog or cat at home or for that matter any other friendly pets, you would know by now that they do need a special care when it comes to their food and hygiene.

Over 70% Americans fail to provide their pets with sufficient and nutritious meal. Many pets just live off simple food made for them. However, let me warn you that it’s probably not enough for your pet.

IF you have a dog, we specially recommend a Himalayan Dog Chew products on They are just a perfect food for your dog. They totally love them.

Petsmart also offers some great costumes for your pets. Be it a party, occasion, holiday or birthdays, you can dress your pet in one of those lovely pet dresses at offer on

You can also get free shipping when you order products worth $49 and more.

If you own pets, look no further than Petsmart. Your ultimate stop for all your pet needs.

Remember if your pet is happy, you are happy :-) most trusted flower delivery service in america

Christmas is just a few days away and its the time of the year again to send those beautiful flower as gifts to your loved ones. There are many flower delivery services in the USA but the largest and the most trusted of them all is none other than

1800Flowers is one the oldest flower retailers in USA and has been in business since 1976. The unparalleled quality and service at will force you to go back to them every time you think of flower delivery.

For Christmas, they are offering some great deals (10% Off) on many Christmas flower bouquet, Christmas roses, plants and many more.

Besides, flowers, 1800flowers also sell gift baskets. We strongly suggest to order gift baskets along with flowers as they go along very well and create a unique value. The person who receives it, really puts a great value for your gift.

Remember flowers and gifts are a token of love. Those who receive it will remember your forever and you can expect them to return those favors one day.

Since it’s Christmas time, we strongly suggest you start ordering your flower bouquet well in advance as many flower delivery services have kept 22nd December as cut off day for Christmas delivery before 25th December nationwide. There are some flowers available for same day delivery nationwide. You may want to check them before you place an order. Use your pin code for delivery and check available deals.

Don’t be disappointed by waiting too long to order your flowers or gift baskets, Go to and place your order now !

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas in 2015 for Men Woman Kids

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone around the world is busy preparing for the biggest holiday of the year and the new year.

To Make your life easier, we have noted down the Top 10 Christmas Gits and top 10 things you should do for Christmas in 2015. This guide will help you get things correct and in place for this big holiday. You won’t miss a thing, promise !

1) Send Flowers to your loved ones: There is no gift like a special flower delivery on the Christmas eve. Millions of Americans send and receive flowers on the Christmas. Flowers is a special gift because it shows your love in more emotional way that other gift items. Sending flowers is also rates as the no.1 way to express your feeling for others.

However, Don’t wait any longer, Send your Flowers today or your flowers might not reach the destination on time due to packed holiday shipping schedule. Start early !

2) Send a Greeting Card: The old traditional greeting cards are now replaced by e-greetings or e-cards. e-cards are a great and cheap way to show your affection towards your friends and families. We strongly recommend using Hallmark e-Cards as they offer great video cards options for Christmas.

3) Order a Personalized Gift: The new upcoming gift category is to order some personalized items such as mugs, doormats, keepsakes, sweaters and many more. The most popular website is of course . They offer great deals for Christmas gifts and right now, they are offering upto 50% off on all items till Christmas. Go snatch a gift or two !

4) Send some Chocolate Berries: It’s Christmas so any chocolate won’t do a justice. You need the specially designed Chocolate coated berries for this festive moment. The berries at Shari’s Berries are so delicious, you can’t keep your hands off it. I bet you will order one for yourself :- )

5) Send a Christmas Letter from Santa: Kids love this gig. The oldest and probably the best gift your kid could have for Christmas is a signed letter from the “Santa” himself. These Christmas letters from Santa are so authentic, it could literally trick an adult into thinking it’s for real. Your kid will just love you for this. Imagine the moment of happiness a young one would have when the great “Santa” send a letter to him/her. The moment can’t be described in words.

Make your child’s Christmas memorable and Order the Official Christmas Letter from Santa !

6) Setup Christmas Lighting & Christmas Tree: Don’t wait any longer to get your Christmas lighting and christmas tree setup. You don’t even have to go to store to find this stuff. Just order it online at and get it shipped to your place.

7) Shop for those unnecessary items:You must be thinking why did I put this up as 7th most important thing to do. Why not shop a bit for yourself. Buy those kardashian shoes or lashes or just indulge yourself in some shopping. After all, its end of the year, a bit of shopping won’t hurt. It’s proven that shopping releases endorphin in your body and make you feel happy about yourself.

Go shop at for some great girly stuff.

8) Spend time with family: I keep it on #8 but honestly, one of the most important thing to do is to spend time with your family, especially kids. Christmas is only fun when the whole family enjoys it together.

9) Have a great Christmas dinner with your family. Head on to allrecipes for some inspiration.

10) As the Christmas is over, Start planning for the new year party and maybe just maybe, put a plan for 2016. Early planning often gives great results.


I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Signing Off….

Samantha McCormick Starbucks For Life Entry Game Contest 2015

This Holiday Season, Starbucks is offering a chance to win $1,250,000 worth of prizes at starbucks reward promotions.

This year, you can play the Starbucks For Life Promotion at for a chance to win Starbucks for life, starbucks for a year and many more prizes worth entering for. All you have to do is play the game.

My Starbucks Rewards members can win from upto $1,250,000 in prizes including five Starbucks for Life Grand Prizes. In total, Starbucks will award more than 600 Sweepstakes prizes and 1,000,000 Instant Win Prizes.

All you have to do is swipe or scan a your registered Starbucks card for a chance to win Starbucks for Life, Starbucks for a Year, Starbucks for a Month, or Starbucks for a Week prizes!

How to Enter Starbucks for Life Promotion Game.

1) Swipe or scan to pay with your registered Starbucks App or Card at any participating Starbucks Store between December 8, 2015 and January 11, 2016

2) Each scan will give you 1 point.

3) Play The Game at and collect all three unique game pieces in one row to win the applicable prize.

4) Enter to Win Starbucks Rewards

Upon completion of the registration form, you will receive an email containing a link to activate your game play. You are allowed to play up to two (2) times per day through January 11, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. PT by any combination of entry methods.

My Starbucks Rewards Starbucks For Life Promotion ( is open only to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States (including District of Columbia) who are at least eighteen (18) years old. Must be a member of the My Starbucks Rewards program at the time of entry.

Good Luck ! Winners Ellentv 12 Days of christmas Giveaways 2015

Joining Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres will be offering 12 days of christmas giveaway at The EllenTV 12 days of christmas giveaway 2015 was just over on 10th December 2015 and winners will be delcared soon.

Ellentv 12 days of Christmas Giveaway Codes:

  • November 23: GLEE (Snapchat), SNOWFLAKE (Psych App), WREATH (Heads Up!), JOY (Heads Up! Pictures)
  • November 24: SMILE (Snapchat), JOLLY (Psych App), MERRY (Heads Up!), ELF (Heads Up! Pictures)
  • November 25: STAR (Snapchat), SLED (Psych App), GOLD (Heads Up!), DANCE (Heads Up! Pictures)
  • November 30: WONDER (Snapchat), SURPRISE (Psych App), CELEBRATE (Heads Up!), POPCORN (Heads Up! Pictures)
  • December 1: SNUGGLE (Snapchat), WONDERLAND (Psych App), WINTER (Heads Up!), RIBBON (Heads Up! Pictures)
  • December 2: CHIMNEY (Snapchat), GLITTER (Psych App), SPARKLE (Heads Up!), HAPPY (Heads Up! Pictures)
  • December 3: ICICLE (Snapchat), BLISS (Psych App), WINNER (Heads Up!), KITTEN (Heads Up! Pictures)
  • December 4: GIFT (Snapchat), LAUGH (Psych App), GINGERBREAD (Heads Up!), SNOWMAN (Heads Up! Pictures)
  • December 7: SUGAR (Snapchat), PEACE (Psych App), SLEIGH (Heads Up!), CANDY (Heads Up! Pictures)
  • December 8: TWINKLE (Snapchat), BALLOON (Psych App), BRIGHT (Heads Up!), WISH (Heads Up! Pictures)
  • December 9: FROST (Snapchat), PEPPERMINT (Psych App), MAGIC (Heads Up!), IGLOO (Heads Up! Pictures)
  • December 10: FESTIVE (Snapchat), COZY (Psych App), CHEER (Heads Up!), ELLEN (Heads Up! Pictures)

The winners will walk away with the following prizes:

Day 12 (December 10):

  1. A $500 Visa Checkout Gift Card featuring Gap
  2. A $250 Old Navy Gift Card from Visa Checkout
  3. A $250 Athleta Gift Card from Visa Checkout
  4. A $250 Banana Republic Gift Card from Visa Checkout
  5. 2 Samsonite Silhouette Sphere II
  6. A Pair of Oliver Peoples Sunglasses
  7. A 5-Day, 4-Night Stay at Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa in Ko Olina, Hawaii winners list will be declared soon. Please share it with your friends and family so they can be notified. oprah 12 days sweepstakes winners christmas codes

It’s time of the year again. Oprah is offering 12 days sweepstake christmas giveaway on her website You need to enter the 12-Day oprah Give-O-Way codes found in the December 2015 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine daily for a chance to win all of Oprah’s Favorite Things from 2015.

A total of $234,732 in prizes will be awarded in the Oprah 12-Day Give-O-Way Sweepstakes and you could be a winner! The fun officially begins November 30 at 12:01 a.m. EST!

Twelve Winners will take home all 87 of the Favorite Things chosen by Oprah (on pages 61-85 of the magazine). As a Grand Prize Winner, you will receive one of the 87 items listed on

The sweepstake is now over. We will adding sweepstake winners list soon.





is costco open or close on thanksgiving day 2015 november 26

If you are wondering if costco open or close on thanksgiving day 2015 november 26? Then the answer is NO. Costco like many other merchants such as Home Depot remains closed on Thanksgiving.

It’s been many years than Costco hasn’t opened any of their stores nationwide on thanksgiving. To make up for it, Costco will open on Black Friday at 8 AM local time and give away Free cookbooks :-)

If you are looking to buy stuff, you can try Walmart or Peapod (online grocery network) on Thanksgiving.

is home depot open on thanksgiving day 2015 november 26

Many Americans are often confused about Home Depot Thanksgiving opening hours and often ask ” is home depot open on thanksgiving day ?”

Well, Home depot will remain closed on Thanksgiving day 2015, as like every other year. Home Depot is always closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

However, Do not worry, their online store is always available and will be processing your orders.

It’s always better to shop online at

is walmart open or close on thanksgiving day 26 november 2015

Walmart will remain open on Thanksgiving day 26th November 2015 for the entire day 24 hours operation. The Walmart opening hours for Thanksgiving 2015 are as usual 24/7. They won’t close on thanksgiving.

However, if you are busy at home with your thanksgiving dinner and party, its probably a good idea to just shop online at

Walmart will also launch their official Black Friday sale as early as 6 PM on thanksgiving day. The so called “Door Buster” sales are starting early this year at Walmart and many other retailers joining in the shopping extravaganza.

Fix your home this holidays with HomeDepot

Halloween is over and thanksgiving is just around the corner. Most of the US merchants have already started offer great pre-black friday deals on their websites. Traditionally merchants offer better deals on web than in store as black friday is the most anticipated in-store shopping day.

If you are looking to fix your home with new appliances, furniture, lighting or even doing some DIY work, the biggest home shopping specialist, Home Depot is offering some crazy discounts for early holiday shoppers.

Why I like Home Depot over other stores, is their option to pick up at stores or ship to your house for free. If you are one of those picky ones, who would like to get everything checked before you take, you have the option to purchase it online and then have it picked up at nearest home depot store. Over 70000 items are covered under this in-store pickup or free shipping at home scheme.

There are many offers on microwave, lighting fixtures, fridges, ovens for upto 50%. There are some great offers on patio furniture for those of you who live in sunny California :-)

I personally will be ordering all DIY stuff off Homedepot. Its cheap and its reliable than the local DIY stores. Home Depot also offers great after sales service.

Do you know that Home Depot also offers installation service, just in case you are not familiar with any of the products you buy and want to get one of their guys to install it for you. Although, its a paid service, its worth every penny as you will get a very professional installer do the installation for you while you can relax.

Throughout this month, We will be updating this post with any new offers from Home Depot. For Now, you can start shopping at and start exploring their massive discount offers.