How to Survive during SHTF Event Crisis

SHTF (Shit hit the fan) event is long overdue. The SHTF event might be very near as we go into the US presidential election which is so wild right now, It could start a civil war. Imagine a life with emergency ?

We are all so used to living in the easy life with mobiles, TV and internet that we never even thought of the worst possible day that might come any day. Imagine, a day with no internet, electricity or food, how can you live or survive ?

Most Americans are not ready for “Survival” in these worst times. You need to prepped with proper “survival guide” and strategy to get through these times.

One of the most important things is to have a few things handy with you, A satellite radio, backup power supply and Garage (in case you need hide in events like Purge, this could be true). These are bare minimum things you would need. What you need the most is a “Survival Plan”.

I started searching online for answers. There was a free seminar on survival so I decided to visit and see for myself. I attended the seminar and met the speaker, Claude David. This seminar totally changed my views on SHTF and the worst possible outcome it may have for us Americans. I wasn’t aware of this SHTF phenomenon until I met Claude Davis. He’s one of the most interesting people I ever came across.

His life-philosophy is that everything we prep for today was day-to-day life of our ancestors 150 years ago. Claude realized we don’t have to reinvent the wheel and does all his prepping the old fashion way.

Long story short… 5 minutes into our first conversation he convinced me to try his unique prepping system and now I’m hooked on it.

Don’t just take my word for it… watch his short video and decide for yourself. To always being prepared
There’s a reason why our ancestors got things done the way they did… it worked and most of it still does.

Don’t get left behind guys. Get prepared.

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